Business ExpRSE for Red Cross Lugo

Red Cross Lugo wants to become an ally of companies in the region and has therefore created the event called Business ExpRSE. This event was held on September 29 , 2018 and was attended by a variety of companies of the province of Lugo, from micro-companies to large companies. Staff from the Employment plan and from Red Cross Lugo and Red Cross Galicia, e.g. general managers, technicians, heads of departments such as HR, Marketing or Quality, were among the participants.

intheMOVE designed a participatory programming based on the session’s guiding principle (Now we’re joined together, why not set a meeting?), searching for interaction between attendees in order to build a new partnership model between Red Cross and the companies.

To close the event, the participants worked together on a set of proposals to be further developed by Red Cross to put in value this partnership with the companies from the province.


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