CSR Report for Feiraco 2013-2014

The CSR Report for Feiraco is the main source of information about the company’s economic, environmental and social impact. It is used to inform the stakeholders about the issues that concern them and to  business that really interest them and show its commitment to sustainable development.

intheMOVE developed a participatory project fostering the company’s staff involvement in every single step of the reporting period. The report was drafted according to the requirements of the international Global Reporting Initiative. In the words of José Montes, president of Feiraco Sociedade Cooperativa Galega: “having embeded the sustainability criteria of the GRI standards in the Feiraco’s CSR Report represents one more step in our commitment to transparency and society. This has been an strategic value which has guided the company since it was set up in 1968.”


Feiraco Sociedade Cooperativa Galega


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