III RSEncuentro (Third meeting on CSR)

The RSEncuentro was intended to be the annual reference meeting for people with a deep interest in business ethics and social responsibility from different fields: public administration, companies, professionals, CEOs, consultants, scholars, researchers, students and citizens.

Real Social Responsibility is only possible if we work simultaneously together, if we all row in the same direction, if we grow together and we create together a social environment to endorse companies and citizenship to behave fairly and responsibly and be rewarded for it.

As organizers of the III RSEncuentro in Santiago de Compostela, we designed the whole event from a participatory point of view. The event’s organization and programme were opened to debate, and some sessions used AoH methodology to work on topics of interest to attendees. For example, the final programmme included a World Café about groups of interest, a open space on the concerns of CSR and a pulse between ABANCA and its stakeholders.

If you wish to know more about the III RSEncuentro, please check the following video.


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