Antía Fernández

I am the marketing one. I think everything is communication. Thus, I am fascinated by those little things that can give away people’s true essence. I enjoy listening to people. I find amazing how non-verbal communication (pitch, volume, body language) can provide a lot of information even if the person has hardly said a word. I love to observe spaces and I am a big fan of every single software related to architecture, building and interior designing. Any suggestions? Please, tell me at You will probably find me in a bar, a restaurant and a museum because I am attracted by the space. I LOVE (with capital letters) travelling. The further away and the less mobile phone coverage, the better. Perfect Sunday plan? A combo including HBO and books. But there is nothing I like more than spending quality time with people I love. This is the reason why I usually organize parties, weekend trips or plans to attend festivals.

I have been working in marketing and communication for more than 10 years. I completed my studies in Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations in Spain, Italy and Brazil. My professional experience has allowed me to be in contact with a variety of organizations, working in production and digital marketing, managing social networks, generating corporate content and coordinating actions among very diverse partners.

Should you need to promote what you do and change audience perception, look no further. Based on communication and marketing strategies, we will make your brand look consistent through the transmission of your values, actions and messages. Like my colleagues, I am also a curious person, so I will surely work in other fields as well 😉.

I am the most recent incorporation to intheMOVE team. For me, taking part of this project is a challenge. I am willing to show that there are other ways to do things and concious marketing is a must. This is also an opportunity to learn and expand my horizons.

Your superpower: Listening and watching to transform what I find in pragmatic and tailored solutions.

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