Pilar Casals

I am in love with life. ‘Moved by curiosity” defines much of my way of life. I am constantly looking for new experiences. I love learning. I am interested in everything, from building to diet through the most unlikely combinations. I am motivated by new situations and challenges that force me to broaden my approach and find different solutions. I am highly sensitive to injustice since I was a child, so I would not imagine my life without actively contributing to reduce it. I love nature, animals, and endless chats with friends trying to put the world right. I like having fun, laughing, dancing, playing, dressing up and having a good time.

I am an excellent host; I enjoy creating welcoming spaces for my guests. I do not understand life without the community.

I am passionate about facilitating processes to activate collective intelligence, make people participate and manage them, both from the perspective of individual development and from the creation and strengthening of teams and communities. I have been trained in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal and I have been able to combine my two great passions: social development and the excellence of companies, wagering on placing the people at the business’ heart.

Should you have any difficulty in dealing with people, including yourself, I will help you. Sometimes I will be severe when playing a role related to structural issues. Other times I will be part of the team and the situation. This is the core part of my abilities 😉.

For me, intheMOVE is a canvas made of sustainable materials to wich I resort to multiply my impact in the world thanks to the indredible people forming its community.

Your superpower: to be an “eagle-spider”, having an eagle-eye view to get the holistic perspective and weaving a spider web to get resources, identify needs and find solutions.

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