Study Women, sport and technology

The study Women, Sport and Technology is part of the social movement #LasMujeresNosMovemos launched by Movewoman which uses technology to help women to establish physical activity and healthy habits.

The main goal of the study is to understand how technology can help women to practise sport to subsequently develop new projects aiming at reducing the gender gap in sports, both professional and amateur.

This research has been designed from a gender perspective ensuring the confidentiality of the information provided by participants.

Technical Studies and Publications. Equality, Diversity and Conciliation.

The sample was composed od 165 women throughout the country and the research was presented at the event Health, Tech for Women attended by 120 people.




Estudios Técnicos y Publicaciones. Igualdad, Diversidad y Conciliación

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Main impact indicators

Investigación desarrollada con una muestra de 165 mujeres de toda España que fue presentada en el evento Health, Tech for Women con 120 asistentes.

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