Team Building for Mindset

This project was developed in collaboration with Mindset, a consulting company specialized in digital transformation, for a multinational corporation, that had recently created a unit with 130 people working as a start-up within the company in order to give a faster response to their own technological changes and those of their customers as well. These 130 employees worked from different locations spread across North America, Asia and Europe.

At the beginning of the project, they felt that this unit does not work very cohesive as a team, the communication was poor and they were barely coordinated to perform the tasks. Thus, we designed and coordinated a team-building session for the 110 people of the unit in Madrid to work on the skills detected as deficient in our previous diagnosis.

The one-day session ended with a participatory leadership activity that we facilitated through a World Café. The corporation’s vice president and the unit manager took part in the activity along with all the employees. It was a cooling-off phase to deepen the results from the previous activities and to look for the way to implement them into the day-to-day work. This powerful methodology concluded with a great Circle formed by all the participants who expressed in a very emotional way the importance of the experiences lived throughout the day.




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